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CCP™ - Concrete Cleaning Powder

Limpiador de Concreto en Polvo
Nettoyeur concret en poudre

A biodegradable and nonflammable powder which cleans oil and grease from hard surfaces. Will not harm concrete or concrete sealer when used as directed.

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10 lb. Pail, Part No. C9310

DESCRIPTION: Castle® CCP™ is a highly-effective powder for cleaning hard surfaces of oil and grease. CCP™ will not harm either concrete or concrete sealer when used as directed. It is water soluble, biodegradable, and nonflammable. CCP™ penetrates and lightens old oil stains without leaving the floor slick or hazardous.

USES: *Concrete *Marble *Terrazzo *Mastic *Asphalt *Ceramic

1. Wet floor.
2. Spread cleaner over surface, let sit 5-10 minutes.
3. Scrub areas with stiff broom.
4. Hose off with water.

10 pound tub
45 pound pail
125 pound drum
350 pound drum

STORAGE: Keep away from acids.

Color - light orange
Cleaning - excellent
Effect on Paint - none
pH - 12.5
Freeze Stable - yes
Degreasing - excellent

PRODUCT #: C9310 C9345 C93125 C93350

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