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Silicone Dielectric Spray™


Compuesto de Silicon Dielectrico
Composé Silicone Dielectrique

Condition spark plug wires and boots to prevent deterioration and fusing to spark plugs. Eliminates arcing and voltage leaks.

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8 oz. Aerosol, Part No. C0819

DESCRIPTION: Silicone Dielectric Compound is formulated to lubricate and protect certain electrical connections. Heat and high voltage create problems when it’s time to replace spark plugs and wires. Boots tend to soften, light bulbs dry out and stick, sometimes breaking off. Silicone Dielectric Compound helps prevent this from happening.

USES: Cars - Boats - Vans - Trucks - Fork Lifts - Buses

1. Shake well.
2. Spray liberally inside spark plug boot, distributor cap, and bulb connecting points.

STORAGE: Store below 120°F.

PRODUCT #: C0819

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